RhinoGuard 25/40 sikringspullert

Able to withstand the force of a 2.5-tonne vehicle driving at 40mph, the Rhinoguard™ 25/40 protective bollard system is an excellent choice for protecting public spaces. The steel core is set into reinforced concrete foundations and 1000mm into the ground – providing the ultimate resistance to vehicular attack. The 25/40 model has been successfully crash-tested in accordance with the BSI PAS 68 standard, rendering test vehicles immobile on collision. The bollards are not only strong enough to withstand the force of a hostile vehicle but they are also an attractive and cost-effective solution, with a choice of sleeves available to cover the certified steel core. Sleeve options include brushed stainless steel, steel with a polyester powder coat finish or painted Ferrocast. A range of standard RAL colours are available.

  • Range of sleeve options to complement project design
  • High level of protection for a number of design schemes
  • Can withstand the impact of a 2.5 tonne 4×4 utility vehicle travelling at up to 40mph
  • Crash-tested in accordance with the BSI PAS 68 standard


RhinoGuard 25/40 Protective Bollard Stainless Steel

Sleeve Material: Grade 316 Stainless Steel
Sleeve Finish: Brushed
Core Diameter (mm): 168
Sleeve Diameter (mm): 204
Height Above Ground (mm): 1000
Excavation Depth (mm): 600
Core Weight (kg): 180
Sleeve Weight (kg): 12
Reflective Tape Available: Yes



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