RhinoGuard 15/30 sikringspullert

The Rhinoguard™ 15/30 bollard is an innovative product that protects against the risk of a hostile vehicle attack in public spaces. It’s the ideal choice for projects which have protective countermeasure specifications. The 15/30 bollard can withstand vehicle speeds of up to 30mph from a 1.5 tonne saloon car, with crash tests resulting in the complete immobilisation of the vehicle, eliminating any chance of a second attack. The tested core can be sleeved with a choice of styles and materials depending on your desired aesthetic. Choices include brushed stainless steel, steel with a polyester powder coat finish from a range of RAL colours, or Ferrocast with a painted finish. The bollard can also be specified with a choice of top cap and reflective banding.

Crash tested in accordance with BSI PAS 68 standard

  • Able to withstand speeds of up to 30mph
  • PAS68 Classification Code: Standard Bollard
  • PAS68:2007:V/1500(M1)48/90:1.3/0.0
  • Numerous sleeve options available


RhinoGuard 15/30 Protective Bollard Stainless Steel

Sleeve Material: Grade 316 Stainless Steel
Sleeve Finish: Brushed
Core Diameter (mm): 114
Sleeve Diameter (mm): 129
Height Above Ground (mm): 1000
Excavation Depth (mm): 500
Core Weight (kg): 90
Sleeve Weight (kg): 8
Reflective Tape Available: Yes