RHINOGUARD 35/30 sikringspullert

The Rhinoguard™ 35/30 protective bollard is an effective solution for designers looking to implement an attractive, protective barrier in public spaces. The design is available either as a static bollard or with featured hand-operated lift assist for areas that still require vehicle access. The lift assist design weighs 20kg and features a gas spring, which enables easier lowering of the bollard for permitted vehicular access. The 35/30 model is manufactured using galvanised steel and has been rigorously crash-tested to meet the requirements of IWA-14, which measures impact performance. Depending on requirements the 35/30 core can be sleeved with a choice of brushed stainless steel or steel with a powder coat finish.

  • Stainless steel sleeve available
  • Easy to lower for access
  • Static or lift assist options, depending on project requirements
  • Lift assist design features a rubber cover to reduce water and dirt blockage as well as a drainage port for rain water


RhinoGuard 35/30 Protective Bollard

Sleeve Material: Grade 316 Stainless Steel
Sleeve Finish: Brushed
Core Diameter (mm): 139
Sleeve Diameter (mm): 154
Height Above Ground (mm): 1000
Core Weight (kg): 72
Sleeve Weight (kg): 9
Reflective Tape Available: Yes

Landscape protection